The history of Union Missionary Baptist Church

Foundation gives $5,000 in church effort
Union Church members of the past

Active ministers in the later years: Pastors Rev. Bird, Rev. Combs, President Noel, Rev. H.D. Jones, Rev. W. C. Johnson, Alvin Jackson, Rev. W.H. Harris, Rev.  Henry Beckham, and Bryan Sparks.

Active deacons in the later years: Walter (Racket) Jackson, Wiley Young, Floyd Jones, James Gaderson, James Craft, James Bennett, Willie T. Shepherd, Morris Jackson.

During this period in order to provide for their families, ministers would serve as pastor at 4 or 5 churches at a time. At union, we were blessed to have God fearing deacons who were faithful, committed and dedicated to the life of the church. These deacons made sure the church was clean, utilities were paid, grounds  were up kept,  they spent needed funds out of their personal pockets no matter how meager to make sure repairs were done, trees were cut down, etc. Without these deacons Union Baptist Church would have ceased to exist.